Nokia’s Deal to Benefit Windows

Why should Nokia join hands with drowning Microsoft?

Experts predict Nokia’s deal with Microsoft to benefit software giant rather than helping the cell phone giant to rise.

Nokia, the Finnish multinational mobile manufacturer went into a strategic alliance with Windows in February 2011. It makes Nokia adopt Windows Phone 7 as Nokia’s primary smartphone platform, while the Symbian is sidelined for mid-range smartphones. This deal has raised many eye brows in the tech industry.



The reason for this deal could be many. Nokia is not a very popular mobile device in theUSand its worldwide popularity has also taken a beat after the arrivals of iPhones and Android devices. Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop clearly had also reflected his apprehensions about the future of company, but according to many software gurus, this is not a great news for Nokia as it has been projected. Let us see the reasons

The great strength of Nokia is its rock solid hardware, which is main reason for the communication corporation to gain popularity around the world and on the other side it has failed to come up with software that could complement hardware. So, Nokia should clearly needs a support in this area. The Finnish company didn’t want join hands with Google for Android and while explaining this Elop said, “Google’s open box still has flaps.”

This is where things get unclear. Android may have flaps, but Windows Phone 7 has to travel a lot to reach even this stature of Android, experts say. They also site Elop’s memo where he said, “Our competitors aren’t taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem.” If Nokia really wants a good ecosystem, than Android is the way to travel, which is blooming with hundreds of thousands of applications and not towards a new comer, who has not yet finished experimenting.

This Microsoft deal may have got Nokia $1 billion, but we don’t think it could help Nokia in the long run, as it will be paying for each copy of Windows used in its phones.

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