SEGA Apps Are On Sale

Get it before it gets late 

SEGA has announced special 48-hour sale for this summer.

Today SEGA announced that they treat their users for the next 48 hours with an incredible offer for this summer. Gamers can save up to 80 percent on seven popular apps of this leading app maker. This offer will come to end on Saturday. If you like SEDA apps, this is the right time to get them.



Super Monkey Ball 1: Offer price – $0.99 (Regular price – $2.99)

A game app with 110 stages and 3D graphics.

Super Monkey Ball 2: Offer price – $0.99 (Regular price – $2.99)

A bigger version of the Monkey ball game.

Super Monkey Ball iPad: Offer price – $0.99 (Regular price – $4.99)

iPad edition of Super Monkey.

Virtua Fighter 2: Offer price – $0.99 (Regular price – $1.99)

A martial arts game with 25 unique and deadly moves.

Shinobi 3: Offer price – $0.99 (Regular price – $1.99)

A game with 28 stages for ninja lovers.

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing: Offer price – $1.99 (Regular price – $4.99)

A racing game with dodging traps and firing missiles.

Football Manager Handheld 2011: Offer price – $4.99 (Regular price – $9.99)

Top football management game.

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