MadCap – It’s Time to Help Angry Chipmunks

Guide these guys to shoot tomatoes!

The holidays are around the corner and for guys like me it is time to search interesting mobile games. I have found a few and let me introduce them one by one. I am going to start things off with a game that has been gaining popularity recently.

madcap_screenshotMadCap is a game about helping the chipmunk punish fatcats with tomatoes. This chipmunk swings at the top the screen with tomatoes in hand. All the users need to do is make the chipmunk release the tomatoes at the right moment so that it could hit those filthy creatures. They can do it just by tapping on the screen. As the game progresses, there will be more chipmunks, more tomatoes and of course, there will be more bulky guys to beat.


MadCap is a game for all ages. It looks pretty and has engaging gameplay. This game has got 108 levels and according to developers, there will be some more levels. For me, I found it a bit hard to cross even ten levels. I think it needs practice of some kind – never mind! The graphics work of MadCap looks great. However, the designers could have avoided those pigs that resemble the ones in Angry Birds.

If you like Angry Birds series, you could try MadCap for a change. MadCap Free has a paid version available for USD 0.99. There are also iPad versions available – Lite version is free and the paid version costs USD 1.99. Therefore, MadCap would cost you nothing, if you want to have a try. The iPhone version needs iOS 3.0 or later while the iPad version is compatible with iOS 4 and later. If you have both devices, I would suggest the iPad version of the game.

Rating: 9/ 10

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