Puppy Wings Keeps Users Hooked to Their Screens

Can be taken to be both a role playing game and a shoot’em up game!

Puppy Wings is one game that is sure to keep users hooked to their screens because of the cool graphics and thrilling battlers. The app can be taken to be both a role playing game and a shoot’em up game. Is the game as good as the graphics everyone is seeing around? Let’s take a closer look and see if the developers did their homework.

Basically, this game places you in a world where you have to go to battle and fight sixteen enemies with different weapons, abilities and appearances in 60 tough stages. This won’t be as easy as it sounds because you’ll also have to fight against five unique and powerful bosses in between the stages.

Just like any other shoot’em up game, the first few stages are easy to handle to give you a warm welcome to the world of Wing and to warm you up to the tough challenge that awaits you. To ensure that you never get bored, you can add a twist to the game by changing the game mode to another of the three available modes. The time attack mode checks the time that you’ll take to defeat the waves of opponents while the score attack will give you a better rank if you can get higher scores by beating as many opponents as you can.

Puppy Wings

To play, you’ll take the role of Wing, the only surviving unicorn dog, and try to protect your unicorn horn by beating the animals possessed by the evil spirit. You’ll have the option of upgrading your weapons to better prepare you for the tougher and more challenging levels ahead. You get to start with the very basic boomerangs as your weapon that get better as you beat more opponents to unlock upgrades. The best thing about Puppy Wings is the very easy control. Everything in the game can be done using one finger and all you need to do is to just focus on your opponents. It’s easy to learn and equally easy to play for people of all ages.

One very unique aspect of this game is the fact that it doesn’t include any in game purchases. This way, you can be sure that once you purchase the game, nobody will ever ask you for your money. Your only worry will be how you are going to beat your opponents. For those who love buying shortcuts, sorry. Your money won’t help you here. That said, the game is very easy to play but hard to master. You will get hours of fun as you try to beat the clock or your opponents or both, depending on your chosen mode of play.

Another unique aspect of this game is the ability to rank yourself against everyone with this app globally. The global leaderboards will keep you motivated to keep playing so that you can be the Puppy Wings master. With this, you won’t just assume that you are the best simply because you hold the highest score on your phone. You’ll get to go against the real champions and battle it out for the real winner. The only reasonable con that we were able to identify from this app is the compatibility issues with phones running on an earlier version of android. That aside, Puppy Wings is a must have. The free version available  here.

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