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Identiti – A Fun Comparison App to Sharpen Math Skills

Not everyone is a superstar at math. Some are born with it, and the rest have to work hard at it. If you are one of the lucky members of the latter group, know that it doesn’t have to be difficult to get better. You can play your way to math success simply by downloading “Identiti”.

Identiti has nothing to do with security or id theft, which is what I first thought it was before I found the app on the Play Store. Identiti is a gaming app that helps players polish and practice math skills. At a very high level, you play games in which the app displays two expressions and your job is to quickly determine if they are equal or not equal.

Now, don’t worry about what type of expressions you’ll be solving; for a minute, even I began to worry about algebraic equations! Identiti keeps calculations at arithmetic level: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can be one or more operators and knowledge of the “order of operations” is very important.

All you have to do is look at both expression and tap on the “=” or “≠” button. That’s it. The app keeps track of your timing and will use this to award points. The entire app is very simple. The only thing you can customize is the color setting: red, blue, green or gray. The layout is very easy to read, so you can easily focus on the expressions and get to your equality deduction quickly.


One thing to note is that while the expressions are arithmetic, the challenge is introduced by inserting a time element. Each comparison is timed, so you only earn points if you answer correctly before your time is up.

Identiti is not only applicable to people who want more practice, it’s a great brain exerciser that helps workout your brain, keeping it agile and keeping the synergy between left and right brains active and functioning well. This is not only for students, but for anyone who is interested in keeping their brain fit before entering a time in their lives when nerve synapses tend to weaken. In that sense, this game becomes a superb preventive measure for ailments of the brain.

I really could not find anything amiss in this game, although it is extremely simplistic. What would be nice would be the ability to specify the types of expressions you’d like to focus on, so you can customize your games to focus on areas that you are weak in. In this sense, it becomes a great tool for parents to help their kids get more practice with multiplication tables, or just basic subtraction. Once they feel comfortable with one type of expression, you can move on to another, and then start to combine them.

Identiti is a great product for students who need more practice or for adults who want to keep their minds sharp and ward off any kind of deterioration – a winning app for all.

get it on google playRating: 9 / 10
Price: Free

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