Backup and Restore Your Data with Easy Backup

It lives up to its name!

Don’t you wish there was a way to backup your android phone data without having to jump through hoops and deal with complicated steps? That is now made possible by MDroid AppsEasy Backup, a data backup tool that backs up and restores your precious data effortlessly. Best of all, it’s also free!

Using Easy Backup is easy enough. There are no lengthy instructions to deal with, and no highly technical steps that must be followed. Best of all, this free data backup tool not just backs up and restores apps, SMS and MMS. It can also do the same for your call log, calendar, bookmarks, contacts, and even your phone’s Dictionary.

Users have a lot of alternatives as to where to create their backups. Aside from an SD card, the backups can also be created to Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. This certainly gives you more options and, naturally, more peace of mind. Now, you do not have to worry about losing any data as long as they are backed up. You can choose to schedule automatic backups, or you can opt to do it manually. Either way, you will have the easiest time doing so.

Easy Backup

Easy Backup certainly lives up to its name, making the backup process very easy and straightforward. We agree that it is, by far, the easiest data backup tool currently available on Android. In the past, we only have to make do with backing up data to SD cards. Now, as long as you have an account with Gmail, Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox, you can also create your backups. Simultaneous backups done on multiple places are now possible, so you will never be at a loss when you lose your phone, or it becomes damaged beyond repair. Before finding phone repair near your location, get this app.

Easy Backup also allows users to view and email backup contents on their phone and even on a PC. Even files that are contained in a zip archive are also easily readable, thanks to this nifty little tool! To facilitate more usage, it comes in 10 translations, including Italian, Turkish, French, German, Persian, Danish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Perhaps the only complaint that a few people will have for this app is the file format that the backups come in. It would have been better to have one uniform file format. As things stand right now, there are three file formats for these backups: .eml files for MMS, .csv for SMS, Calendar, Bookmarks, Call Logs and Dictionary, and .vcf for Contacts.

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