Stay Away from Viruses and Malware with NetQin Security and Anti-virus

Get it and play safe! 

Android is the most vulnerable platform for the viruses and malware, thanks to the popularity and the to the open market. If you have an Android device, it is very important to have an antivirus app. This review would help you find one.

NetQin Security and Anti-virus is a well-designed antivirus software for AndroidNetQin Security and Anti-Virus screenshot devices. After installing NetQin, it asks users to update the database and scan the device. As there is a ‘Quick Scan’ option, the updating and the scanning process will  take only a few minutes.

Apart from Quick Scan and Virus Database, the home screen has sections like Privacy Advisor, Network Manager, Anti-lost, Optimization and Backup Contacts. The Privacy Advisor classifies the apps on the basis of their ability to access the data in the device while the Network Manager monitors the data traffic. Users can set their monthly limit to receive alerts from the NetQin antivirus app.

NetQin Security and Anti-Virus 1 screenshotThe Optimization area works just like the task killers. It closes running apps to release memory and the App Manager in this section lets users uninstall apps. Users can also diagnose suspicious apps, but it needs active network connection. The Anti-lost feature helps in locating the missing device and alerts the owner of the device when somebody changes the SIM card.

Therefore, apart from virus scanning, NetQin can do a variety of functions to optimize the Android device. The good thing about NetQin is it doesn’t dump memory. After installing it in my HTC Desire, I didn’t experience any performance issues. That is something great for an antivirus app.

 If you don’t have an antivirus in your device, you can certainly try NetQin Security and Anti-virus. It can work even with Android 2.0. This app is free to try.

Rating: 9/ 10


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