Explore the Wildest Part of You with WildABLE

Get the charm of forest to your hand!

WildABLE iconDo your kids ask a lot of questions? That is really a great sign; that means they want to learn new things and that is the way through which they learn. And you really need to put your effort in answering them. If they are too curious, then you must find the right tools to keep them engaged. Let me introduce one today.

WildABLE is an iPhone app that lets user to travel through the wild to explore things like forest, wildlife, mountain and river. After selecting a character – male or female – users can start traveling by moving the circles given at the bottom of the screen. The left circle would help users to move forward while the right circle lets them change the direction. During this interesting travel, users can take the form of eagle, fish and squirell by tapping them when they come across.

WildABLE screenshot

I can’t strictly classify WildABLE as a game app as the game element is very limited here. There is no winning or losing in WildABLE. It is all about interesting exploration. This app has good graphics and sound effects to give that realistic effect of forest. However, the App Store description tells nothing about the app and WildABLE has no Help or About sections. The developer really needs to work on this area as it could make new users struggle.

WildABLE is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and it requires iOS 4.3 or later. It was launched a month ago and the first version seems to be working fine. If you have kids at home, WildABLE might be the right gift for them. It is a different kind of an app. Try it!

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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