Chaikin Power Tools – A Handy Advisor for Investors

Check the health of your stocks on the go! 

chaikin-power-toolsWhen compared to the App Store, it is hard to find well-designed apps in the Android Market. There is a variety of reasons for this, such as the freedom of open market and the compatibility issues (as there are a wide range of devices). Let me introduce a well-designed Android app now.

Chaikin Power Tools provides all the needed details about the stocks for the professionals and investors. Users can enter stocks to the watch list to monitor the movements. Up to 20 stocks can be added to it, but I am not sure why there is such a limit.

chaikin power tools screenshotsThis app categorizes stock analysis as GAUGE and CHART. Gauge presents buying advice such as Bullish, Very Bullish and Neutral while the Chart area presents the intraday chart and six months chart. This section also provides all the fundamental details about a company. If you are looking for a more detailed report, you can order Chaikin Power Stocks Report. [pullquote]As this app comes from the stock market expert Marc Chaikin, the analyses are unbiased and users can bet on their reliability. [/pullquote]

One can’t compare the interface of Android’s Chaikin Power Tools with the iPhone’s. I think developers have sacrificed a bit on the design to face the fragmentation issue of Android. However, still this app is not compatible with low resolution devices like HTC Wildfire.

Chaikin Power Tools is a free app and it requires Android 2.2 and up. However, Android OS 2.3+ is preferable for this slim app (2.4 MB). For people who deal with stocks, this is a handy app to try and I think, this is the best stock application available for Android now. This colorful app is also pretty easy to use.

Rating: 8.5/ 10


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