Get New Themes and Effects with Free Mobile Desktop

Add simplicity and personalization to your Android!

Free Mobile Desktop is an app that tries to add convenience, personalization and simplicity to android phones. Basically, this app is a launcher that gives you access to new themes, effects and widgets. It aims at giving users the exact phone appearance that they want by selecting a customized combination of themes, widgets and effects. In general, developers of this app did their homework well since it has been able to achieve all these aims. Just like the name suggests, this app is free and available for download by anyone with a compatible android device.

Just like the other android launchers, Free Mobile Desktop spices up your phone’s user interface by adding more home screens, widgets, customized wallpapers and even shortcuts to your favorite applications. When it comes to the home screens, this app will allow users to add up to 9 home screens to their android devices. With these home screens, space won’t be a problem and you’ll be able to place all your favorite applications significantly in their respective home screens.

Free Mobile Desktop

Free Mobile Desktop also adds simplicity and personalization to your apps list by allowing you to change the slide effects, the grid size and even the manner in which the app list comes up from the home screen. Most of these effects are very unique and will enable you to stand out and impress anybody who sees you using your phone.

Once you have checked and verified that your phone is supported, you can go ahead and download the app. Once you have downloaded and installed it, you will see four welcome screens that will give you a very short summary what the app will bring to your phone. After you have read this, you will be able to start exploring the wonders of this launcher.

Free Mobile  Desktop

It adds new search functionality to your home screens where you are able to perform a local search by swiping to the screen on the extreme left. When you reach the last home screen on the left, any further swipe will bring up a search box complete with your preferred keyboard.

The application allows you to add widgets and shortcuts to any of your home screens. Some of the new widgets that come with this app include the improved free power widget, the one-key clean and a customizable power saving widget. The free power widget gives you access to all the important settings that you often need to change like the Wi-Fi, the sound profiles, mobile data connection, the GPS, screen lock and Bluetooth among many others.

The one key clean manages your phones memory by monitoring the memory usage of different apps. To increase your phones performance by releasing some memory, you will only need to tap once on the widget and that will be all. The widget has an indicator that changes from green to red when things get critical. The power saving widget allows you to create profiles depending on your different power saving needs. You can even create a profile that puts your phone to sleep by disabling all the critical parts of the phone.

Apart from the new widgets, users of Free Mobile Desktop will be able to sue many unique desktop switching effects. This is one thing that makes this app stand out strongly. The app list also comes with its own amazing effects. For phones with limited resources, Free Mobile Desktop lags a little. That aside, this app brings a new world of personalization to android devices.

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