Little Friends – A New Generation Learning App

Learn different categories of shapes, numbers and emotions!

Mobile apps are a bit hit in today’s world of technological advancement. One of such mobile apps in the world of iPhones and iPads is known as Little Friends. This app is a hit among the children, especially because it is an application book of coloring for the kids. This app is also renamed as Little Friends coloring book.

This app is a good medium for learning the different domestic pets, wild animals as well as the sea creatures. Children will love the extra features like soft music and presentation as they will discover the other wild animals of jungle as well as of sea. Children can even comprise their own drawing in this app and learn about the different animals.

Little Friends

The features of Little Friends include the availability of different colors and attractive paints which your child will love. The customized design and size of lines can be worked out according to the need and want of the child; special eraser is available using which the child modifies both the drawings and the colors of an animal. The availability of tingling music at the background will help the kid to get engaged with the app and enjoy it to the core.

This app will help you to save the drawn stuff in your iPad gallery or iPhone memory and later you can upload them at any social networking site or just mail it to your kiths and kin. You can even take a print out of the drawn stuff and keep it for your child. This is best for kids aging between one to five years. The app supports 150 puerile graphics and presentation along with different colors.

Little Friends

Children can also learn different categories of shapes, numbers, nature, human feelings and emotions as well as vehicles from this app. Technically, this app is absolutely created for kids who love to fidget with iPhones and iPads. This app is supported by the flash videos. As a result, the app works as an electronic card. The app provides a range of items on the screen and allows the children to choose their favorite one.

As they touch the screen on the chosen item, it zooms out leaving aside the other items on the screen. A special voice along with a specific sound introduces the item to the child and helps him or her to get acquainted with the item. But its one drawback is that many children might not find it interesting due to its plain colorful representation at first place. An extra bit of fun can be added by giving way to more adventurous mode of the app. Children are usually impulsive, so entertaining part has to be increased to keep them hooked up.

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