Plan Your Purchases with My List Shopping

Let this app do the listing for you! 

The shopping list allows you to better plan you shopping, avoid impulse buying and keep your purchases on track while you shop. By reducing the trips to the grocery store, it can save you time and money. If you are not so good in list making, this review can help you find a tool.

My List Shopping, developed by iList Apps, is a customizable list app for the iPhones. After launching this app, users could see a few categories in the main screen such as Garden, Grocery, Home, Lunch, Party and Wish. They can edit this list by adding and removing a few among them.

My List Shopping

By tapping on a category, users could enter into it. There is Add button at the top of the screen to help them add items to that particular category. This app is loaded with hundreds of items from Apple Cider and Mellon Honeydew to Passion fruit and Shallots. If the users can’t find a particular item, they can add it to the list manually.

After selecting an item and adding it to the iList, My List Shopping allows users to change the number of items without opening them. To do things like editing price and name, adding barcode and remarks and changing brand and category, users have to visit the Shop area. They can also add the image of the product from here.

My List Shopping

One can understand the developer’s intention to provide all the needed features inside the app. However, the interface could make new users to struggle a bit as there are buttons everywhere. To help them out, there is a Quick Guide inside the Information section, but this too is a pretty long document and could make it hard for the users to find the thing they want. I think an update could clear these things.

My List Shopping is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. If you are a frequent shopper, you know how annoying it is to prepare a shopping list. My List Shopping could help you build your list faster and easier than ever before.

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