Test Your Vocabulary Skills with Wordistic

Play the game and improve word power! 

Word games have a positive effect on the motivation of children and Adults also have a lot of fun with it. Most of them are great fun, truly challenging, genuinely educational and will get your mind moving in all directions. Let me introduce an interesting word game.

Wordistic, developed by mushDevStudio, is a word making game for the iPhones. After launching this app, users could enter into the game by tapping on the palm icon. It will start loading dictionary and would take them into the gaming area where users could see letters pouring from the top of the screen.


They need to start tapping on them to make a word out of them. Wordistic also presents word suggestions at the bottom of the selected letters. By default, it gives them 30 seconds. After making a word, users have to tap on the tick icon at the bottom of the screen to start making another word. After completing every word, Wordistic adds five seconds to the game time.

Bombs and clocks make this game a bit more exciting. By tapping on the clock, users could add five more seconds to the game time. Bombs destroy the word that is being constructed and add five more points to the qualifying points. Wordistic has a good soundtrack and more importantly it is exclusively composed for this app.

wordistic screenshot

The gameplay is very simple, but the design and interface need some work. Wordistic really lacks a Help area as it is quite difficult to navigate through some parts of the app. As the iTunes description doesn’t tell much, it demands some effort on the part of the new users to explore all the areas of the app.

Wordistic is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. It also has Game Center integration. This game is reminiscent of other word games out there, but is a bit difficult. It is fun, fast and maddeningly addictive. If you have kids at home, Wordistic deserves a try!

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