Wordistic App Video Review

Wordistic is an action packed word making game where letters fall from the top of the screen and the players need to tap on them in an order to spell out a word. When you first start, the main screen will show a number called a “seed”. This allows you to play with others on a same game. To know more, watch this video

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Wordistic – Word Game That Keeps You on Your Feet


Features fast-paced, arcade-like gaming! When players think of word games, yawns usually begin to crawl, slowly from the back of throats and make their way forward. Well, Wordistic puts all other word games to shame, featuring fast-paced, arcade-like gaming that puts letters front and center of the action. Developed by mushDevStudio, this game has you racing against the clock to build a real word as letters fall from the sky. In this game, letters fall from the top of the

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Test Your Vocabulary Skills with Wordistic

Play the game and improve word power!  Word games have a positive effect on the motivation of children and Adults also have a lot of fun with it. Most of them are great fun, truly challenging, genuinely educational and will get your mind moving in all directions. Let me introduce an interesting word game. Wordistic, developed by mushDevStudio, is a word making game for the iPhones. After launching this app, users could enter into the game by tapping on the palm icon.

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