Fluke HD – A Fun-filled iPad Board Game

A perfect partner for family time! 

fluke-hdWhen it comes to games, iPad looks to be a better device than the iPhone. The big screen makes it convenient for playing activities. However, only a few developers make a most out of it to offer a great gaming experience to users. Let me review one such game – a board game.

Fluke HD is an iPad game that has five board layouts and can accommodate up to six players. As this app comes integrated with OpenFeind and GameCenter users can join with online players when they are alone. They can also play against the iPad and it has three difficulty levels.

fluke-hdAfter launching  Fluke HD, users need to select the number of players, input their names and choose tokens to enter into the game. There will be a dice at the center of the screen and by tapping it they can make it roll. As you guess, they need to make their tokens to reach the end of the board to win the game. There are teleporting orbs to help in this endeavor. [pullquote]The design and sound effects make Fluke HD a killer app.[/pullquote]

If you are familiar with board games, Fluke HD won’t give you a hard time in understanding the rules here. Even then, the developer has included guidelines for using it. That’s a great idea! They should also think about including a board with snakes and ladders, for the people who love to play it in the traditional way.

Fluke HD is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later. This HD game is comparatively thin (10.9 MB) and loads fast. It costs USD 0.99. Fluke HD is a time-killer, and could impress kids who love board games a lot.

Rating: 9/ 10


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