Digisocial – A Sophisticated Platform to Socialize

Find people around you to befriend! 

During the last few years, social networks have evolved as the veritable agents of change by moving into mainstream. Once they were very small and intimate, but now they are the powerful and critically important platform to business. Social networking apps have made things even easier.

Digsocial, developed by Digisocial Inc., is a new social networking platform that helps users find friends and groups near by. To enter into this app, users must have a login ID and to sign up, they need to enter their mobile number. (It seems the latest update 4.1 has solved the issue). When we checked this app, it failed to send the verification code to the mobile. Optionally, there is also Facebook login to let users get into the app without any trouble.


This app features five sections in the mainscreen – Messages, News, Social, Friends and Settings. Users can send and receive messages through the Message area, while News works just like the ‘Newsfeed’. New friends can be found using the phone’s contact list and Facebook contact list. An impressing thing about this free app is, it doesn’t have any ads.

Digisocial is a growing platform and at present it has only limited number of users. Therefore, options like People Nearby can’t help much in finding friends. There is another interesting way called Meet U to help users in this. After getting into this area, just shake your device to find people who are shaking at the same time.


If users have their friends near them, just by shaking the phone at the same time they can share the contact information. They can also bump the phone together for this. Digisocial provides a Digi ID which can be found in My Accounts section of the settings area. It helps in logging in, when the users don’t want to be limited themselves to Facebook login.

Digisocial requires Android 1.6 or up and it is also available for iOS devices. Digisocial provides an alternative way to socialize. Give it a try!

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