Acro-Dict – App with Abbreviations and Expansions

Know what the letters really mean! 

Abbreviations have become so commonplace and are more popular than their equivalents. As they make communication easier, understanding abbreviations is taken for granted. However, nobody can comprehend all of them. Let me explain how an app could help in this.

Acro-Dict, developed by 25dev, is an iPhone app that features all the abbreviations and their expansions. After launching it, users could find a tutorial that explains how to use this app. It has five screens with infographics to illustrate all the features of the app. After getting familiar with the app, users can skip all those slides by tapping the close mark at the top.


In the mainscreen, Acro-Dict features five blank boxes. By tapping the boxes, Quick Search Keyboard will become available. And, on the right side of the screen there will be categories like Academic, Science, Astronomy, Meteorology, Business and Finance. There are some abbreviations like IN or IT have a lot of expansions. These categories area helps in sorting them out according to the needs of the users.

If a user types IP, it displays the expansion not only for IP, but also for all the other abbreviations that start with IP. Users need to tap a box replace the letter in it and double tap it to erase it. At present, Quick Search Keyboard doesn’t have special characters support. Therefore, users need to type without the special characters (for TCP/IP, type (TCPIP). If they still want to search with them, the Search function at the Main Menu Bar would help.


The other two buttons of this main menu help in accessing favorite abbreviations and the information area. This app looks neat and the interface is really pretty. However, it would be better, if the developers consider adding the special character support and the backspace button to the Quick Search Keyboard. It would really eliminate the need for the introduction tutorial.

Acro-Dict is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. It is a hot new app that was launched last week. The first version itself seems fine without crashes. The future updates might be bringing some more exciting stuff to this app.

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