Toon Goggles – A Video Streaming App for Kids

An online entertainment channel!

Toon Goggles is an app geared towards kids aged 2+. This is a free video viewing app, where one can watch the last days, or any day’s cartoon, whenever and wherever one wants. This app is a 100% parent friendly cartoons app.

It provides with unlimited amount of cartoons, featuring various cartoon characters in each episodes. These cartoons are shown in the form of clips, trailers, episodes and features. It is a protected and safe app that is available in iTunes, suitable for children and gives them a completely new set of cartoons that they have never watched before. These cartoons are divided according to various categories say for example boys, girls, action, comedy, pre-School and education. The users are free to choose any category they wish as per their interest.

toon goggles

This app gives its users an opportunity to store their favorite episodes in the “app toon box”. One is able to go to the next episodes quickly without any waste of time. This is a ready to use app. Since, it is an online app and one may be charged data, so it is preferably you need to have an unlimited data plan or a WiFi network. Registered users can resume videos as many times as they like. They are also able to keep a track of the recently viewed episodes. You can go to a suggested show by just a touch of your hand. It is an easy and user friendly app.

toon goggles

This app can form a common link between the parents and their children and gives them a common interest. The cartoons are made such that there is not repetition of story in any two episodes and there are a variety and a lot of thought behind every story.

Children will have the ability to create a “Kid Account” where they can add episodes to their “Toon Box” for offline viewing and save the cartoons that they like to their “Favorites” section. Toon Goggles can be viewed on Apple TV with the help of Airplay. This app is made for iPhones, iPads and iTouches. Toon Goggles is available under the entertainment category and has been updated on December 17th 2012. Its latest version is 4.02 and is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Italian. This app requires an iOS of 4.3 or later and it is optimized for iPhone 5. It is that online channel, exclusively for children and gives them a very good and entertaining experience.

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