2020: My Country – A Lifelike Game with Quality Graphics

A game that would take you to the Future!

For those kinds of gamers who are fond of futuristic games, Game Insight LLC has come up with an awesome game called 2020: My Country. This lifelike game is embedded with high quality graphics and detailed animations so that the player feels more and more into the game. There are a large number of quests in the game and it depends on the player how he conquers each one. Basically, the player needs to manage the lives of the residents of his or her city in the best possible manner.

Another major reason why this game would be very popular among the modern-day players is that there are a lot of customization options available in the game. It depends on the player as to how he wants his buildings to look like and how he wants his cars to look like. All over the city, there would be cars flying, and those cars would be belonging to the players. You would need to protect your city from alien invasions as well as natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods.

2020 My Country

The key features of 2020: My Country include spectacular graphics and an interesting gameplay. Further, challenging quests are another major part of the game. There are more than hundred such quests, which make this game all the more interesting. Every now and then, there would be either a natural disaster or an alien invasion to test your gaming skills as well as to keep you indulged in the game. The futuristic architecture and the buildings and vehicles as well, play an important role in enhancing the popularity of the game.

A single building could be customized in more than 1 lakh ways, thus providing a new architecture every time. For all the gamers, this game is like a boon as it is free to download and install. 2020: My Country is a kind of game that could be played every day and users would never get bored of playing it. Every time you need an item, you would need to create a mishap.

2020 My Country

This game has received positive feedbacks from all over the world, and this game has been regarded as highly addicting one. But, it is disgusting to build buildings by taking a lot of time and after that, what you can do is just store two buildings at a time. A smaller warehouse also creates problems when the player needs to shuffle some things here and there.

Second problem the users are facing is that important items are not much easy to collect. Every time you need an item, a mishap needs to be created and since a mishap could not be planned, it sometimes leaves the player in confusion. Overall, 2020: My Country is a great game and is worth a try. This app is available for iPhone as well as Android.

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