Click and Earn with Clashot

Get paid for your creativity!

It is always a pleasure to be appreciated for a creative work, feels even better if you get paid for the same. Deposit Photos have developed an app to encourage creative photography- Clashot. This app not only enables you to publish your photographs but also provides a genuine platform to sell it easily and plough back a handsome return from it. Most people love to take interesting pictures and share it on social networking sites, but Clashot triggers this interest to the next level where you actually get paid for your creativity. All you need to do is click some eyebrow raising photographs with your iPhone and send it to

The interface is quite simple and catchy. There is a profile for every user where you can view your current balance as well as other users’ work also. You can comment upon their work. This way the photos are rated all over. This also enables you to stay informed about the whereabouts of this app. If you are using a professional camera to click photos, it is well and good as it provides you a better chance to find more customers. You can upload them to your iPhone library and then to Clashot.


When you go to this app, the first screen shows three heads- Catch the moment (allows you to participate in interesting events), Shoot (as the name suggests you can take pictures by tapping on to it) and Earn (this option helps you to sell your photos). Just below these heads, there exists the option to log in (for users who are already into this) and sign up (for new user of course) and view one’s profile. The bottom tray consists of a Wizard, Feeds, Camera, Profile, Settings. These help you to view and manage the further proceedings. In the feeds option, you can see the photos that are rated as the best by other users and comment your reviews as well.


There is a provision to edit the current photo report before you publish it for sale. If your photos are good enough, they may get to the photo-bank which allows you to publish the picture in Internet Portals, Magazines, Newspapers etc. This will give you a fair chance to get buyers from all round the world. With every purchase you get a certain amount of commission which can be easily cashed out. The e-mail notification function will let you know about the transactions anytime. Clashot comes with a multi linguistic quality to meet the customer needs.

I am quite satisfied with this app but whenever the money factor comes into being, there is always a risk involved. Also this app needs a heavy battery usage as you need to stay updated and you need to post really interesting pictures to earn which is hard to manage every time. This app may appeal to a selected section of the population.

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