Tales of Furia: Adventure and Rescue

Not aggressive but more engaging! 

Looking for a game that’s a bit different, not aggressive but more engaging? Tales of Furia is the app for you. Part of the vertical platform game genre, this game has you tilting and tapping in a quest to traverse the trials and tribulations set out in the land of Furia while attempting to help Prince Furry find and rescue his princess.

This app is set in a story, which is laid out for you when you initially start the game. The tale tells of a prince, Furry, who is about to wed his beloved princess. All of a sudden, the evil Dark Lord Furious intervenes, imprisons Furry in the deep, dark confines of a dungeon, and runs away with the princess, leaving the prince to rot. Furious also leaves a wake of obstacles for Furry to overcome, should he escape the dungeon.

Tales of Furia

Your mission – get the prince out of the dungeon and navigate him skillfully through Furia to find and rescue the princess. How? You will tilt and tap your device to have him climb out of the dungeon, platform by platform. Once he’s out, he’ll have a few more places to climb out of that are scattered throughout the land of Furia. Get him through those and you will be on your way to victory. Beware of obstacles placed by Furious by jumping over them and avoiding them at all costs. See a star? Collect it. It will unleash special challenges that open up more adventurous possibilities.

Tales of Furia

As a default, the game allows you to play with a limited number of lives, three to be exact, if you play in NORMAL mode. If you are not up for the challenge, then opt for the EASY mode, where you get unlimited lives. For those new to vertical platform gaming and the challenges inherent to them, it’s wise to stay on EASY and build up your game. Maneuvering can get tricky. Options in the game allow you to turn the music on/off and adjust volume levels. The free version of the app offers five levels or chapters to explore and work through. Challenges number at about 15, and require an increasing numbers of stars to attain.

Overall, Tales of Furia was entertaining and interesting all at once, but it was a bit boring after a while, sporting a monotonous background and almost repetitive scenes. This may just be a product of going for the cheap, and a better offering may be delivered with the paid version.

Yet, with that said, it is still worth the download for those who like the vertical platforming type of game and are looking for something different. You can’t go wrong with something that’s free, but of course, you will have to contend with those ads that surprise you now and again. If you have grown tired of playing other games, this one provides a new setting, storyline and adventure compiled together to set you on a quest.

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