Super Space Boy – A Fun Balloon Bouncing Game

Space Jumping Fun for Kids and Adults Alike!

Though simple in nature, Super Space Boy by Craig Lauderdale, is a fun balloon bouncing game that has you sliding a balloon left and right to keep Space Boy afloat and jumping amongst the stars, grabbing points along the way.

Set in a vertical mode, the game moves you through space from top to bottom, and intermittently offers up stars and points to collect. At the bottom of the screen is a balloon, blown up and ready to support Space Boy as he lands on it and bounces off. Players move the balloon up and down and side-to-side to make sure Space Boy lands on it, to propel himself to the next target.

Super Space Boy

When you first download the app, it takes you through the background of the game. Space Boy is the hero of a comic book that a young boy has been waiting to read. When he finally gets his hands on the comic, he is in heaven. That night he dreams of being Space Boy, and that is when the game kicks in.

You are the controller of Space Boy as you move his launch pad balloon to critical locations that allow him to project towards targets. Earn enough points and you move up in levels. You must also earn enough points to keep the balloon inflated, because without a full balloon, Space Boy will go nowhere. The balloon stays inflated every time it touches a small green circle filled with a plus sign. Keeping track of the number on the red balloon is essential. Go below 2 and you are done!

Super Space Boy

The target is a band of alien invaders who have entered our Solar System on a quest to eliminate happiness. Find and destroy them to save the universe and be the hero. Be careful, however, to not collide with their space ship. Doing so will completely drain you of your points and hearts, Space Boy’s life count.

I found it a bit difficult to figure out what each of those items flying around the screen through space was. It took me quite some time to figure out that I really needed those small green blobs, after losing my balloon several times to deflation.

The only downside to this game was the quickness with which every item on the screen moved. I was slow to understand what exactly I was supposed to do, so I ended up having deflated balloons very quickly and losing points rapidly. This may not be the same for kids, because they are so adept at deciphering usability of apps that far transcends my understanding. However, a bit of help or guidance would be useful for those of us who are not youthful anymore.

Outside of that, my son found several hours of enjoyment in a game that did not require destruction or killing. That may be this app’s brightest strongpoint. There are no tanks, guns, or weapons of destruction so often found in gaming these days. It is truly refreshing to find a game that both parents and kids can enjoy without worrying about the behavioral issues that may set in as a result of playing.

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