Sugar Crush HD – Once You Start, You Really Can’t Stop

Move candy pieces around and match them up!

Complete with the music from your local ice-cream truck, Sugar Crush HD – A Candy Saga adds a sweet twist to a traditional computer game. The game is kind of like an old time “match the cards” game but here, you’re matching candy pieces! Candies will fall onto your screen, you have to move them around and match them up. When you do they explode and you get points. For many, Sugar Crush HD is a rather addictive game; once you start, you really can’t stop until someone plucks the device from your hands or you get the dreaded low battery warning!

Sugar Crush HD is just like any match 3 game where you are provided with a wide range of pebble types and you are expected to match a minimum of three similar pebbles either vertically or horizontally. The similar ones explode to give room for more and thus the challenge continues. Think you can handle a sugar crash? Download the app for free from the Google Play Store and let’s see! The app, once installed, is offered in three languages: English, Netherlands and German. Choose your language and commence candy destruction!

Sugar Crush HD

The game consists of 4 episodes and over 200 levels. You start with level one, and you unlock new levels by racking up points. This is done by collecting the candy. The more points you earn, the faster new episodes and new levels will unlock. In order to earn points, you have to match identical pieces of candy together to create a minimum of three matching pieces. Match them together by sliding pieces of candy into the appropriate, matching location, but do it quickly. You are only given two minutes!

Sometimes chocolate bombs, candy bag bombs and rainbow candy bombs are added into the mix. These are your super sweets.  Try to trap these within your matches and rack up bonus points when they explode! These sweet bombs will also be traded in overtime for bonus bombs. As levels increase, you will also be given tasks such as “collect all the fruits” or “remove all the jelly bags”. If you complete those goals, you move on to the next level!

Sugar Crush HD

Owned by Lolly and Poppy, the Candy Shop offers several items for free and others for purchase. The Candy Shop is mainly for the purchase of extra candies, some of which are offered for free. For a small fee you can also purchase level skips for when you just cannot beat level 103. You can also pay to get rid of those irritating pop up ads!

Use your Facebook account! When you open up the Sugar Crush HD – A Candy Saga, you can login with your Facebook account (of course that is if you don’t mind). The app allows you to connect the game to your Facebook account so you can challenge and crush your friends as well as post and boast about your high scores.

The only genuine problem with the app was that you could only choose from three languages. The app actually shows you the other seven languages that I assume aren’t available yet. It would be a smart investment to allow access to those other languages. Although you don’t need the languages for too much of the game itself, you do need them to view the candy shop and the settings.

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