MyBrushes Pro – Bring Out Your Inner Infinite Artist

A virtual canvas waiting to be colored! 

Doodlers, it’s time to celebrate! If you love to create, whether it be classical paintings, eclectic art, or just swiping a brush around for the fun of it, My Brushes Pro is the app for you. It is available for download on the iPad and is a virtual canvas waiting to be colored.

The app offers over 100 predefined brush styles, allowing you to create painting effects that you otherwise would not see with regular brushes. They allow for a wide, eye-catching assortment of effects, including watercolor, oil, Chinese painting styles, simple drawing, and calligraphy. Add to that an enormous collection of canvas dimensions, unlimited redo’s and undo’s, and you can play away with strokes like never before.

If your iPad has retina display, this app shines even more. Each canvas type offers a different set of qualities that helps render a specific and desired effect in the art you create. Some canvasses are traditional, while others offer built in patterns upon which amazing visual effects can be created. If you are a photographer, this app allows you to import photos and paste them onto a canvas. From there you can do all sorts of unique and artistic alterations to make the photo look as if it was painted. You can paint over portions, add details or descriptions, or just even add edging effects. The sky is the limit to what can be done in this app.

MyBrushes Pro 2

The app requires a stylus for more precise control of the brush, and supports a pressure sensitive stylus, so you can create the exact effect desired. While painting, you can record your sessions to playback just how you made that amazing effect or see how you mixed a set of colors to effect a particular final tone. Some things simply cannot be recreated in art, but with this recording feature, now you can! As you paint and create, the app automatically saves what you’ve done, so batteries that suddenly die or pauses in your paint sessions won’t be an issue. You won’t ever have to worry about losing all your hard work.

What makes this app so easy to use are the controls. While simple, they offer several degrees of powerful precision. The app has kept the entire interface and workspace clean and Zen-like, allowing artists to focus on keeping creative juices flowing, and not on how to use the app. While there is not much negative to say about MyBrushes Pro, I can say that when they advertise offering infinite possibilities, there are some limits, as is always the case with any application. Some of the canvasses are not quite the right texture, rendering effects that you would not quite expect. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, there are plenty of options to choose from and a little bit of experimentation will take you far.

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