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Goooooool!!! If you love futbol or football, then Live Football Stats and Scores is the app to download. It keeps you on track with what’s happening in matches all around the world. A free download, this app takes you straight to all matches that are currently in play and lets you select those matches that are your favorites.

Once you download the app, you go straight to the In Play screen. Here you’ll find a list of games that are currently going on, organized by leagues, for an easy find. Leagues hail from over 35 different countries, allowing the app to serve up over 250 games a day.

All you have to do is tap on the match you are interested in and the app does the rest. You will see a variety of options to choose from to see how the teams on the selected match are doing, against each other and against other teams in recent games. You can even check out Head to Head statistics and make comparisons across so many different data points.

The details behind this app are mind blowing and the well designed organization makes every piece of information easy to find. You may even stumble across a stat you did not know existed, if you are new to football!

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From the In Play screen, if you tap on the main screen icon, found on the upper left corner, you will see different options: Live Scores, In Play and My Matches. Live Scores gives you exactly that, live scores for games. In Play shows score status and the number of minutes in play, listed by leagues.

My Matches are those matches that you mark as favorites by tapping on the star icon, so you can get to those right away every time you open Live Football Stats and Score. From the In Play screen, you can select various matches and those will deposit into My Matches.

Within a match, there are several screens that give you even more detail behind each team. Stats that include how each team stacks up against each other on over ten different types of data points, plus you can view how each team has done in matches against other teams. The amount of stats that you see is up to you. You can choose the last five or last ten games; or go all out and view the comparative numbers for the season.

The only change in the app that I would like to see is to select games that will be played in the future and get a notification when they start. It did not seem like that was a current option.

I have marked up the matches that mean the most to me and look forward to keeping on top of my games.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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