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9 Moves: Ball game – Gaming Fun on the Go that’s Quick and Entertaining

Not all games are created equally. Some games are geared towards more aged folk while other games are perfect for the little ones. Some games just go on and on and on. If you are looking for a game that is simple, fun and easy to play, but does not require much time commitment on your part, then you’ve got to download 9 Moves.

9 Moves is a ball board game that is similar to a puzzle but a bit more complicated. The aim of the game is to move 9 balls from one side of the playing field, which looks very much so like a grid, to the other side – with one catch – you can’t get hit.

What could possibly hit the balls? Well, the game throws several impediments your way, ranging from bullets to varying other types of objects. The better you get at the game, you can bet that the game is going to get better at launching obstacles your way, at a more rapid pace and higher frequency.

If it sounds stressful already, don’t fear. The game will walk you through somewhat of a tutorial that explains what will happen and what you have to do. Once you step through this and read through the hints the app provides, you will have a decent foundation from which to move forward.

When you actually start to play the game, there will be a timer that buzzes you in to start. When you start, you have exactly one minute to move all the balls across the screen. Moving the ball is quite simple. You just tap on it and it will move to the other side. You just have to time it so that anything that could cross its path, doesn’t.

The more you play the more you will see when and how to tap so the bullets don’t get you. It can get frustrating at times, but you will eventually get the hang of it. If you are like me and have younger ones who live and breathe games, they will catch on quickly, leaving you in the dust.

On to the logistics of the game and customizations. You can choose from up to four different color themes. Some are include and some you will have to earn or purchase. What is really neat is that if you have more than one person you know who plays, you can hook into Game Center to compare your results with other’s scores and progress.

Another cool feature is that if you sign up for Cloud connectivity, you can sync up your scores and save them for viewing across multiple devices.

I have to say that the game did not give much time for practice before the speed of the obstacles increased to a pace that was daunting. I lost many rounds before I could get back on my feet again, so maybe giving a larger allowance for first time players would keep them coming back for more.

I look forward to any and all updates to make the game fresher and newer, like maybe the number of balls or even the background sounds. Until then, 9 Moves is a game that you will definitely enjoy playing.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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