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Vimepot – Be the Riddler that You are, and Profit from It

Every once in a while you’ll take a quick video clip of something that is a bit out of the ordinary, or not quite what it seems to be from the outside. It could be someone famous doing something, but with only a portion of their face showing. It could be an indistinguishable part of something that, when viewed in motion can be detected by the keen eye.

Whatever the case, you may have captured these very unique moments and feel like they are almost works of art. While they may not be as valuable as any art piece, they could be of some value to you. Upload them to Vimepot and you’ll see why.

Vimepot is a monetization site that brings riddlers and solvers together is a quest for challenge and for a way to make a buck. It’s a site where “artists” get to post some interesting clips and gamers get to bet on guesses. Each video clip that is uploaded also has an associated question like the following, and more:

  • What is this?
  • Who is this?
  • Where is this?
  • Where we bought it?
  • Which book?

As a poster, you also get to state what the prize is for the correct guess.  Most clips offer up a dollar or two. Some offer more. It all depends on what the poster wants to give away. Bigger prizes could mean more income. Note that Vimepot takes 10% of the prize you dole out. You also have to provide an answer phrase. Guessers must come very close to the posted answer to win. Certain words have some leeway, so the guess does not have to exactly match the answer phrase. Being one or two characters off on a few words is ok, as long as you have the gist of the answer.

As a guesser, you have to pay $0.50 per guess. This comes from your PayPal account. The money goes to the poster, with 10% of it going to Vimepot. The poster makes some, and Vimepot makes some. Guess correctly, you get some, too!

I have to say that I did stumble through the site initially because there was not much in terms of instructions or how to’s. I did find a link to Help eventually. It was sitting at the bottom of the site. It really should have been easier to find.

What is nice about this site is that is has a great counterpart on mobile devices. So, you don’t have to download an app, the site is super easy to use and responds well.

It kind of is a win-win for everyone. It’s fun and it’s new. I don’t think I have come across too many of these types of monetization sites, but the thing that makes this site so nice is that it’s clean and friendly and challenging in a fun way.

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