Learnia Teaches Skills in Fun Surroundings

Learning does not happen like it used to. Nowadays, much of what we learn, either adults or children, is online or in a computer learning app. Learnia is one such creator of entertaining and effective apps that bring basic concepts that kids from grade 1 through 3 need to learn – all in their control and from their iPad.

Learnia is an app that teaches kids math and spelling for these three grade levels. Users can purchase what they want, based on the grade level work they want for their kids. Designed for the iPad, it supports a well laid out learning surface, supported by all of the graphic features iPad supports, such as the ability to draw out letter and numbers, and more.

Now, this is no ordinary learning app. Learnia has taken full advantage of cutting edge 3D graphics, creating a educational universe that immerses kids in wonderment and fun filled activities as they work their way through activities that teach skills, with practices in tow.

In the Learnia world, students navigate their way across an archipelago of islands. Each island sports its own look and feel, focusing on one grade level. There are six islands: three islands for math grades 1, 2, and 3 plus three islands for spelling grades 1, 2, and 3.

Kids move from island to island by completing and mastering the skills on one island. These travels are accompanied by a wise old owl named Waddle. He’s there to make the journey more exciting. There is also a path that stretches from island to island, dotted with skill stones. Each stone represents a skill the child needs to master.

On each skill stones there are three exercises and a final challenge. In some cases, a skill stone may have a lecture. Kids can skip the lectures and exercises and attempt the challenge straight up to move the stone aside and move on to the next. If they don’t feel confident enough to attempt the challenge, it is highly advised that they work through the exercises first.

Kids can earn a mastery of each skill stone, equivalent to a bronze, silver or gold level. This brings a competitive fire to the completion of each stone, where kids to see how much better they can do over their siblings, friends, or just themselves.

As the player clears more stones, there are coins and pickups to collect. Waddle is there to help out. In addition to the exercises and challenges, Learnia starts to fill up with pets as kids master more skills. What does that mean? Well, it becomes a lure for kids to pick up their iPads and make sure their pets are fed and cared for in a timely manner. It also means that kids will be going into the app often, and learning more.

For parents and teachers, who need their data, Learnia does a great job of saving information in the cloud. You know where the child is at from an iPad that connects into the app. This allows for easy collaboration between teachers and parents, and results in a huge win for kids.

What I would like to see in future updates is an addition of KG skills and maybe even grade levels beyond Grade 3. It might even be nice to have subject related skill sets introduced in subjects outside of math and spelling.

Whatever the creators decide to add, I look forward to it. As it stands now, Learnia is awesome. It makes learning fun, the best way to kids to get stuff done.


Rating: 8 /10
Price: Free

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