TaoMix 2

TaoMix 2 Brings Calm Surroundings with Soothing Sounds

Today, our lives have become more hectic than ever before. We are constantly polling our devices to see if someone sent us anything; or, reacting all too quickly to texts that come in, because we just cannot help it. People love instant gratification.

Well, its time to give our bodies and minds from gratification that takes things down notch or two, bringing overall serenity and holistic gratification on a grander scale.

How does one do that? Well, there is yoga and there is meditation; and if you are type of person who just doesnt think you could commit to such things, then its time you downloaded TaoMix 2.

TaoMix 2 wont have you wearing orange robes and chanting, but what is will do is help you slow down. Its an app brought to us by Inootka that builds upon the successful TaoMix.

TaoMix 2 allows you to create soundscapes. In the last version, you had to go to different screens to select various families of sounds and add them to your customized scapes. In TaoMix 2, the options sit on the main screen.

When you first download the app, you will see a serene display set on black. There are three circles each with their own color: blue, green, and pink. Look closer and you will see that each has a symbol depicting a family of sounds. The blue circle is for water sounds. The pink circle is for birds. The green circle is for wind.

In addition to the three colored circles, you will see a white ring floating around, when the music is not playing. This ring is your center of sound. Listen to what happens as you move the ring closer to the blue circle. You will hear mostly water trickling. Slide the ring over to the pink, and you will mostly hear birds chirping; and finally, as you drift over to the green, you will hear the whispering wind.

Migrate in the middle and all three sounds will be equally mixed in a symphony of serenity.

Once you have figured out the precise balance of sound that works for you, you can select the three dot icon located on the lower right of the screen. From here you can:

  • Set a timer that will automatically shut off the music a perfect tool to use when you want to put yourself to sleep
  • Share your soundscape. It will send a link via SMS, email and social media
  • Set the rate at which your ring moves around the screen, so your music varies automatically
  • Delete the soundscape
  • Repeat soundscape play

I do like that you can vary the sound mix by regulating the rings migration speed. That is a really cool feature automatic mixing.If you liked TaoMix, then you should definitely download TaoMix 2. Its an easy way to create a self-soothing environment wherever you are.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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