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Final Fortress – Construct Levels of Defense to Keep Zombies at Bay

Builders and zombie warriors unite! There is a game in which you can click away to build a fortress and then blast away at zombies, all in one. It’s called Final Fortress – Idle Survivor.

In this game, you are a part of a surviving group of humans. The world has been taken over by Mutant Bosses and Zombies. Your job is to construct a dwelling that’s strong enough to defend against these wandering marauders looking to feed on innocent humans.

After downloading the game, your first mission is to complete the construction of your fortress. This involves tapping away at each level to make room for the survivors and to add defensive tools at every level.  Rooms that are available to build will vary at each stage of game play, but you will have the following floors, if you make it that far:

  • 15th floor – Sniper Tower – at the top for the best shot
  • 14th floor – Laboratory – important experiments take place here to help create weaponry
  • 13th floor – Armory – weaponry storage
  • 12th floor – Lounge Bar – a place to retreat to
  • 11th floor – Fitness Room – helps keep your crew in top shape
  • 10th floor – Carpentry Room – make and fix parts of the house
  • 9th floor – Communication Center – keep in constant contact with your reps who wander to collect more survivors
  • 8th floor – Water Treatment – keep basics ready for use
  • 7th floor – Workshop – another place to create defensive mechanisms
  • 6th floor – Clinic – the healing center
  • 5th floor – Kitchen – everyone’s gotta eat
  • 4th floor – Pantry – supplies for the kitchen
  • 3rd floor – Power Generator – create the power to run your fortress
  • 2nd floor – Garden – grow your own staples
  • 1st floor – Ground Floor – nothing important is house here, because you don’t want the Z’s to have easy access

Each floor has its own function. You keep building and making your fortress stronger so you can defend with each approaching wave of attack. You also want to roam around in the truck that’s provided so you can look for and save other survivors. Each survivor has a part to play in your plan, so you need them all, if possible. Also, if you have more survivors, you are able to make more gas, which is vital because that is your only form of currency and it’s what you need to make and get more weaponry.

There are prizes galore to be found and collected. They range from spinning wheels to hidden rooms. A big one is if you make out well in one of the weekly or monthly waves of battles. Score high and register yourself on the Global Scorecard, and you winnings will grow even more. You also get to see how you stack up against other players.

The only thing I could recommend as an improvement is to make the fortress building steps go quicker so players can get on with the battles and such. It took quite some time to build my floors, and I began to wonder if the zombies would ever show up.

They finally did and boy did the app become a fun game to play then. If you can get to that point, you will absolutely love Final Fortress – Idle Survivor.


Rating: 9.5 /10
Price: Free

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