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Cute Bear Adventure Racing – Fun and Interactive Game

This is a really great game, it is fun and interactive. I, however, did not find the name fitting. The only thing remotely connected to a bear is the few random teddy bears that feature in the background. The game is based on the whole monster truck experience. It is about achieving challenges, which are based on getting to the finish line and completing the obstacle of jumping over cars, trucks, rocks, houses and more with your little monster bug.

I found the whole game fun and exciting but there are a few things that take away from the fun and potential of the actual game. Like the name for one. There is no indication of the age range for which the game is intended but I cannot see a child managing to strategically navigate the obstacles. The game would have been great with a name that makes reference to the monster truck experience.

Each level and challenges are basically the same, They differ with the type of obstacles on each level. In some, you have to get over trucks, rocks and maybe a house or two. In others, there are cranes and structures to get over. I actually found the teddy bear background a little monotonous. You see the same thing over and over which also takes away from the experience of each level or challenge.

There are a number of icons on the front screen but really only two that work so I am not sure what the purpose of the other is. I would have like to have been able to customize my car/bug. Maybe choose the color, styles etc. The sounds should also be different, maybe increase tempo towards the finish line or when you end up on your roof.

There are no instructions so you basically start the game off blindly and figure it out from there. It took me a while to actually figure out the controls. Although at some point in the game, you can see the controls, they do not feature as a prominent part of the game. I would have like to see the controls, it is, after all, a racing game but I am basically .limited to moving backward or forwards.

The game is fun but has so much more potential. I would have enjoyed building my own truck or car, the game writer could actually use that feature as an in-app purchase opportunity. I also would have liked to have seen more variety, in the background or even the obstacles. The current graphics seem to dwarf the possibilities and potential of the game. The game is fun for a short while but really after the fifth of the sixth round, you realize that you are doing nothing more than holding the forward button. There should be more of an interaction required, perhaps a few more control buttons.

As the games is now, I am sure that a child might find the colors and background a little entertaining but that would also be limited.

get it on google playRating: 9/ 10

Price: Free

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