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Activity Based Reading Eggs App Helps Kids Master Reading Skills

Frustrated with reading programs that don’t work? Look into Reading Eggs – Learn to Read. It’s an app that’s been created by app developers partnered with educators to provide a program that works. With lessons that cater to all levels of reading skills, the app serves to start kids off at the right place and strategically moves them through steps necessary to help them easily learn and retain competence at each level.

The app has been designed with 120 lessons spread across three sets. The first set of 40 lessons caters to absolute beginners who have never read before. Lessons 41 through 80 are designed for early readers, providing lessons on skills that build from basic reading abilities. Lessons 81 through 120 build off the previous lessons and build on more reading and comprehension skills.

The overall app meets the needs for kids aged 3 to 13 through the various lessons that are laid out in the three segments. It is important to note that lessons build off previous ones, so mastering one level before moving to the next is key to success. What makes Reading Eggs work so well is that these lessons are fun and they keep kids wanting more. This means they practice more and learn better.

The apps is setup in a way that kids are on a mission to follow these eggs that are laid along a path which represent the steps they need to take to complete a lesson plan. The activities they complete as they move along the map are varied enough to keep up the level of excitement and interest.

Reading Eggs

The app also features:

  • Kindergarten Prep – for first time readers, this puts the focus on sight words, letter sounds and reading short sentences.
  • Grade 1 – assesses kids to see what skills need to be worked on. Focus is on phonics, frequently used sight words and comprehension.
  • Grade 2 – through an activity called Story Factory, engages kids in writing to improve upon reading skills and throws in weekly contests to encourage and motivate. Focus is on spelling, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Support Teacher – for those readers who need a little extra help, this feature provides extra practice and additional guidance to help kids get over hurdles and problem areas.
  • Special Needs – bright graphics and special activities for kids who need a varied mode of learning.
  • Mathseeds – kids can engage in a math program geared towards kids aged 3 through 8, with an addition in app purchase.

 What would be nice to see is the ability to create a report or see stats on how well a student or child is doing. This would make it easy for parents and teachers to know what steps to take next, or even adjust the learning program.

Reading Eggs is a great app to add into your child’s online curriculum of learning, whether you are home schooling or supplementing their current school’s offering.


Rating:  9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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