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Make the Most of Every Sales Meeting with 6QS

Making a sale is not easy. Converting possible leads to solid sales is the first step. This involves conversations with potential clients in which you convince them that you have a product or solution that will meet their current needs and will help them well into the future.

Clear communication is key. While many conversations take place face to face, some do not. In those cases, you can use an app called 6QS to help facilitate a quality conversation and allow you to keep that conversation.

When I say “keep” I really mean it. 6QS allows users to document meetings that they have with potential clients by making it very easy to record notes and important details, save them and share them later. This means you can easily take what was discusses in a meeting practically right after the meeting ends, and send it to the client, keeping the ideas and the conversation fresh in their mind, while making a professional impression.


6QS kind of stands for 6 query structure. The heart of this app is based on 6 topic areas that you should or may want to cover with your potential client. These topics are: Business Challenges, Risks, Triggers, Budgets, Measures of Success and Next Actions. It’s what all businesses are interested in. It’s what drives sales and success, so if you are looking to provide a solution to a client, then knowing what they need to reach their goals is important. Asking questions from these 6 critical topics helps you help them.

The other advantage to having 6QS is the structure it provides. When you have a consistent approach to connecting with your customers and drive the conversation to be productive, the outcomes are more successful, with that client and with others.

6QS makes is easy to structure your conversation based on the client you’ll be talking to, so you can customize your meeting and approach. The app provides an easy to use interface that lets you create records for clients and then easily keep each and every meeting you have with them. These meetings can then be exported into mail and then sent to meeting attendees, so everyone has the information that was discussed in a clear format, and it saves you time by doing so automatically. You don’t have to sift through notes and type up the email.

As a standalone app, it’s a great addition to any salesperson’s toolset to engage with and maintain positive customer relations. What I look forward to is integration with CRMs, so that these conversations and meetings automatically get recorded and stored in a database, keeping any and all information concerning a client in one place.

6QS provides a service to sales and customer facing professionals that is immeasurable. Now, you can conduct meetings efficiently and effectively with the use of what I’d consider to be a storyboard template for business to help you write a story that leads to success.


Rating:  10/ 10
Price: $2.99

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