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Maja App Helps You Find and Provide Help to Those Around You

The world has become a whirlwind of places to be and things to do. We also find ourselves wandering farther and farther away from what used to be home, which means you don’t always have your family and childhood friends around to help out. So, how do you find help when you need it most? How can you offer up your services and assistance to those around you, making your community a stronger and sounder place to be?

The answer is not so hard to find. It’s in an app called Maja. Maja lets you set up an account where you share your location, while the app is open or at all times. Once you have set up your location and an account, you become a member of its community. From there, you can search for help requests or even request help yourself.

Requests for help can range from helping out with a flat tire to picking up some groceries. It could be something as simple as needing a cup of sugar to something as big as needing assistance in locating a lost dog. Whatever the need, you create a request and it goes up on a map in the app. You can let the request use your default location or you can enter a location. Other Maja users will then see the request and, if interested in helping out, will offer up assistance. You will see their offers pop up and you will also be able to see where they are located in reference to your request. You can then select one of those offers and ask them some questions, kind of like an interview, to see if you would like to accept their help.

The overall look and feel of the app is “soft” and welcoming, making it feel like a warm place to reach out and ask for help. It’s a great way to be of help to someone without feeling like you are being pushy or meddling. For those of us who like to help others around us, Maja makes it easy to find someone who needs a little assist. It helps you easily find those opportunities and reach out to offer the help.

Help given and accepted has no cost. The app does seem to maintain a concept of tokens. If you donate money to the app developers, you can earn tokens for your own personal use in the app or they can be gifted to other users. It was not clear to me what you could do with tokens, given the fact that everything in the app is “free”.

As you provide help, you can earn tokens. Increasing number of tokens then allows you to upgrade your profile, which may be an advantage, but again, it was unclear what that advantage was when I navigated through the app.

If you have a request out for a few days and you don’t get offers for help, you can always cancel the request. What is confusing when you cancel is the pop up that asks if you really want to cancel. Choices are CANCEL or CONFIRM. At this point, if you select CANCEL, then you are not cancelling your request – I found this to be a little confusing.

At any rate, though, Maja is certainly an app with its heart in the right place. The developers have created something for people who really care to find a way to show they care and to help out in their community by easily finding opportunities to do so. If you are looking for a way to connect and make a strong supportive presence in your community, I highly recommend downloading Maja today.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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  • Hi Charlotte, thank you for the review. We will try to improve the confusing parts about tokens and canceling help request. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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