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Floating by boat is passion for many. Feeling the rush of sea air in the face while cutting through the deep blue sea is one of the richest experiences one can have in life. The thought of safety, however, can make your loved ones worry while you set sail for the unknown. But, the iOS app Float Plan from Big Tuna Apps LLC is there to change this scenario. The app is specifically designed so that you can file for and share a float plan with your family and friends within one minute. It is also very handy for the rescuers in case you and your team get into any trouble, because it will be very easy for them to locate your boat.

With its map, you can set the starting and ending of your journey in the form of GPS co-ordinates by either tapping the map or by typing as free text. The application integrates seamlessly with iPhone contacts and it is possible to email all the details regarding your trip to the contacts you want. This app lets you edit the boat details, captain name, passengers and trip details easily. Option to edit the default mail format for Float Plan is also available so that you can create a personalized mail.

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Float Plan is integrated with social media so that you can share your trip details over sites like Facebook and Twitter and let the world know what your endeavors are. With the new version of the application it is possible to enter the details of the boat’s captain only once and reuse that info for all the boats and other trips. It supports a lot of boat models and trips such as kayaks, Sail boats and paddle boats. It is possible to add additional boats to a particular trip. You can use the existing captain name for all the boats or add new captain names.

float plan screenshot

This application is designed to integrate with the iCalendar so that there are reminders to let concerned persons know if your trip got cancelled, or it finished successfully. The new version 2.0 has been designed to take care of multiple app crashes and enhance other features. It is now possible to add picture of a boat to the Float Plan and also add date of birth to captain information. Setting of the app has been revamped and land vehicle info can be added as well. Introduction of email notification is a boon as it now contains boat picture, land vehicle information, GPS co-ordinates and the mail automatically puts people in the CC who are in the passenger list.

Float Plan requires iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S and also iPhone 5. IPod 3rd, 4th and 5th generation all support this app. IPad supports this app but Float Plan is still not available for iPad 2. It requires iOS 4 or later to run and it has recently been updated for iOS 6 as well. Apart from a few random crash problems, Float Plan has very few issues. It is seamless to operate and has been garnering reviews from users worldwide. So if you love sailing, but want to keep everyone updated, at 1.99 $ this app is sure worth giving a try for.

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