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Osiris – Browse the Internet Without Being Tracked

Most web browsers you see these days have a very annoying habit of tracking your data. Of course, they claim to do it to make your search results more relevant to what you want, but you cannot help wondering what else it might be used for? Did you register yourself in some random website using your emails or mobile number, only to find you are now being spammed by random SMS advertisements and emails? Now, there is a way to avoid it! All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download the Osiris Web Browser!

Osiris is a very basic browser that does only what it is designed for, and that is to give you a gateway to the internet. It does that better than others though, as far as privacy is concerned. It blocks other websites from tracking your browsing pattern or history. That means you can browse the World Wide Web without being worried of your activity being tracked. If you use it along with a VPN, and there are many such applications out there, then you will be enjoying the safest internet browsing experience there can ever be, using technologies and features such as Architecture 9, a P2E architecture and a Web3 integration.

Another feature that would appeal to its users is its simplistic user interface. It’s nothing too flashy, this means it is faster than other browsers (the developers claim that the browser is at least 3 to 7 times faster than other browser apps in Play Store) because it doesn’t consume a huge amount of memory and processing power for those animations. Added onto that, it consumes less battery than others. However, smartphones with RAMs less than 1GB would struggle to find this browser fast.

Only if the app came in dark mode! It would have been the complete package. There is a ‘Night Mode’ feature on this app but it does nothing but make the user interface to a darker color (in this case: blue). But the developers have promised to keep updating the app in regular intervals, so the feature might become available through future updates. But that still seems as a bargain when you realize how much of internet data you save by using the browser. Since it does not allow any third parties to track your browsing, it loads the webpage faster than others using lesser data. Another thing that came as a pleasant surprise is that YouTube seems to play videos without any adverts using this browser! What did seem strange is that after some time of touchscreen inactivity because of watching long videos, the smartphone turns off the display while the audio keeps on running, which would seem like a useful feature if you happen to listen to songs through YouTube. You can simply play the videos and put the phone inside your pockets without being disturbed by random touch inputs.

From the app store, it seems like many people have already used the app and have little to no complaints concerning the app’s performance, except for those who run the app with older smartphones. Maybe the developers could soon release a lite version of the app. Less than 100MB of size, you can easily install this app from the Play Store and without Wi-Fi (you need to make sure downloading apps over any network option is enabled first).

This browser seems like it has potential to become the most favored browser.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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