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crazyDrivers – A Racing Game with a Vintage Feel

The racing game genre is so expansive that it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best game from so many titles out there. The latest addition to this list is the crazyDrivers game which is available for free on Google Play Store. The game surely strives to give a tough competition to other games in the genre of racing with its focus on thrill and surreal action. So, if you are looking for a new virtual adventurous experience then crazyDrivers deserve your attention.

crazyDrivers is a pretty challenging game despite its simplistic controls. Pressing and holding the touchscreen will accelerate the car whereas sliding your finger across the screen will help you steer it through traffic and several obstacles. All you have to do is reach the finish line before the clock runs out. What makes the game challenging is the fact that the obstacles are not that easy to dodge at high speed and may very well test your ninja reflexes. To make it more interesting, crazyDrivers feature different scenarios such as night time and rain in the gameplay that further increase the difficulty level.

The game has a nostalgic feeling about it because of its vintage facade. The two-dimensional gameplay reminds about the video games of the olden days and this simplicity only adds to its allure. This is what makes crazyDrivers not only suitable for young children but also the grown-ups who are seeking a thrilling experience that additionally reminds of the good old days gone by. Its music reminds of the cult animated series Cowboy Bebop and does justice to its action-oriented theme.

crazyDrivers is a quite extensive game too with 31 levels and 16 different cars. After every three levels, there is a special race, namely, Bonus or Versus. The former is to collect as many coins as the player can. These coins, which are also required to be collected in the regular race, can be used to unlock various features. In Versus mode, the player has to compete against three competitors and the winner wins three coins. You can also receive free coins in daily rewards. In addition to unlocking cars, these coins can also be used to remove advertisements. The best part is that to help the players get acquainted with various aspects of the game, an elaborate and graphical help system is available on the home screen featuring a cute anime-inspired assistant.

crazyDrivers has three different modes, each having slightly different rules and features to make sure you get an assortment of fun. There are also special modes that get activated for a few seconds which is yet another amusing feature of this game.

For its size that runs into a few megabytes, crazyDrivers does give you more than you can ask for. Still, there are a few areas that could have been worked upon. For instance, there could have been a local multiplayer option or the graphics could be made more detailed. The two-dimensional gameplay may also seem less appealing to the audience and out of sync with the present milieu.

If the thrill of speed and unfettered action is what you are looking for then crazyDrivers do seem to bring to the table a new and kind of unique experience. All the racing game enthusiasts out there will dig it in all likelihood.

get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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