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Esploder – A Puzzle Game Where Stars Explode!

Nothing is as calming as the feeling of looking up in the sky at night and staring at those twinkling stars. The mystery of the universe with so many stars, planets, black holes, and all sorts of celestial phenomena has evoked our imagination since forever. Many video games have been inspired by this too. And so is the Esploder puzzle game! A unique fusion of the space genre with puzzle-solving, Esploder offers a great way of having fun. And you won’t have to spend a nickel to enjoy it for it is available for free on the Play Store.

Esploder is a reasonably easy game to learn. The gameplay is pretty straightforward but challenging enough to keep you hooked. There are stars with different colors such as blue, green, red, and so on, each carrying certain points. The stars at higher energy levels have higher points. When you tap a star, it “Esplodes!” and the corresponding points become your score. All you have to do is reach the target score before you run out of turns. Sounds easy, right? But without a proper strategy, it is impossible to reach the target score with limited moves. Once a star “Esplodes!”, the adjacent stars move to a higher energy level by absorbing its energy. This is the key to getting a high score. You have to tweak your strategy such that you can move as many stars to a higher energy level as possible to get more points. Moreover, if you tap the stars of the same color, a chain reaction begins that gets you more points too. All of this is quite challenging. Esploder boasts of having over 120 levels, each throwing a unique challenge your way. It makes the game pretty addictive too.

The background music, the graphics, and its minimalist interface give Esploder a touch of the space adventure games. The dynamic starry background makes you feel like you are looking out the window of a spacecraft. The colorful stars against it paint a surreal picture. You can also unlock star skins to change the stars’ appearance.

While Esploder is a free game, it comes with certain limitations. Energy points, that get refilled with time, are needed to play the game. Waiting for these energy points is boring. The other way around it is to watch the advertisements, which is not less of a drag. Although the ‘free play’ option allows you to play without restrictions, it is not unlocked. But if you want to get rid of all these restrictions, spending just $4.99 on a one time purchase will give you access to the full game. Hereafter, you won’t need the energy points and even the future levels will be accessible. You get a new star skin also.

If the Sherlock within you is looking for a new kind of puzzle-solving experience, Esploder will be a good option to explore. It’s selling point is the seamless confluence of space voyage-like experience with the brainstorming fun of solving a riddle. While several puzzle games are available on Android platforms today, Esploder offers a unique gameplay experience. Do give it a shot!

get it on google playRating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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