Calendar.AI – How Can It Improve Your Business?

Being well-organized is a vital part of running a business. Sometimes it is not easy to remember all the meetings you have planned. Or to even schedule meetings with clients without having to invest tons of time emailing. Not to mention, all the research you must conduct on prospective clients before you meet them.

Thankfully, this app resolves many of these issues with key features such as:

  • Supercharging calendar meetings
  • Viewing insights about attendees
  • Easy scheduling software
  • Providing In-depth insights into other businesses 

Reminds you of Upcoming Meetings and other Relevant Information

You can view all upcoming meetings by looking at your calendar. When you go on a specific day you will know the time of each meeting and some background information about the attendees. The calendar will also show you what type of meeting you are having by labeling it with the relevant platform (i.e. zoom meeting etc).

This ensures that you are fully prepared for any meetings that are taking place. The app is like a personal assistant which reminds you of the urgent stuff you need to know.

Calendar AI screenshot

Helps you easily schedule Meetings

To prevent you from messaging clients back and forth, Calendar.AI allows you to schedule meetings with minimal effort. You can set your availability on the app and then allow clients to book a time with you. There are also options for how you would like to conduct each meeting, for example, video conference or audio.

Once you have set all your preferences in the calendar, you can wait for clients to reach out to you. Therefore, this feature is another way of saving lots of time from your schedule.

Easy Integration and High Tech

There are many apps which are used by businesses on a day to day basis. Calendar.AI allows you to integrate a variety of apps such as Calendly and Doodle. This can improve your business efficiency as you will not have to waste time transferring data.

Furthermore, online email accounts can be synced with the app to improve convenience. Therefore, allowing you to access all important information on Calendar.AI. Other high tech features include weather forecast which will be shown as part of each day’s agenda.

Premium and Pro Plan

The free plan is a great starting option for most businesses; however, the premium plan and pro plans offers even more insights and features. Thus, the only negative with this app is that you may have to upgrade to keep upgrading your subscription to experience the apps full potential. The premium rate of $4.99 per month is reasonable for an app of this quality.

However, $9.99 per month may put off businesses that are in the early stages of their development.

Calendar.AI is a very innovative app that can help improve the efficiency of your business. Key features such as meeting reminders and meeting schedulers will save tons of time for any business. Not to mention, being very high tech and able to integrate with a variety of apps and email accounts. A free plan is a good option for start-up businesses. But premium and pro plans will be more suitable for larger organizations.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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