SeoSamba Mobile CRM Lead Tracking App Helps Customer Relationship Management

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is time management. Questions like whether you have found the right lead for your company or if you can keep a prospect or not,  keep many businesses disorganized as they do not have the right management system. Imagine your business is climbing up, sales are increasing at the right percentage but you do not have the right amount of time to keep track with the prospects you already have. It is possible to lose those prospects and even potential leads. 

The solution to your problem of time and customer relationship management is getting the right marketing operating system app to keep you in check and ensure that your leads prospects and business are monitored. has launched the best marketing operating system app SeoSamba Mobile CRM. This is the only app in the market that offers a multi-business owner the authority to access any number of CRM’s which makes it possible to have different sales representatives to specific CRM’s. Also, SeoSamba CRM supports On-Premise CRM and Multi-Location businesses which allows you to access and manage your various businesses on the platform.

You may be wondering how this app is the solution to your marketing problems. Seosamba app gives you access to one or more Seo Toaster Ultimate CRM, and allows you to manage your contacts and opportunities on the go once connected to your SeoSamba marketing OS account. This app offers you various lead tracking services such as your Calls, Contact Forms, SMS and your Sales. This centralized and automated CRM system app, helps  you keep your customer contact information and helps you track your customer interactions so you can always be aware of your business at all times. It is one of the best apps to hit the Customer Relationship Management Market.  It is highly recommended for managers, business owners and sales teams to keep track of all customer relationships. The best part of the Seosamba CRM app is that it is mobile, so you can carry your business with you anywhere without any fear of losing prospects, leads or losing contact information.

SeoSamba screenshots

This CRM app also offers a variety of social media connections, it allows you to connect and share your business on social media platforms in this way you can expand your target audience and reach, get more leads and still keep track with your business. Through the SeoSamba app, you can post about your business automatically on various platforms. A few of the social media platforms linked with and supported by SeoSamba are: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Although SeoSamba is a highly recommendable app it does have a slight flaw. Setting up your Seosamba account on the app and connecting your SeoToaster Ultimate CRM with your existing SeoSamba Marketing OS account may not come easy, but you can always contact support and get a guide through on how to set up your account and get to track your business. 

So yes, this is the right CRM management system for you, it covers all your business sales and keeps you in track with your work at all times. Join SeoSamba today, put your business on the right track!


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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