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Are you looking for a new feline friend? Or perhaps it’s your first pet and you’re looking for a cat to cozy up with? Feline Finder is an app for anyone who is having a hard time finding the kitty of their dreams.

It’s hard right now. A lot of people are lonely. A new animal is the perfect choice for anyone who is having a hard time and needs support. The current times aren’t perfect but a new animal may spruce up your home. This app, which features numerous photos of cats and kittens in their own specific environments, helps out a lot. I’ve been thinking of getting a new friend for my own cat, Pitou. She’s not necessarily friendly so it’s been a bit difficult finding her a companion that matches her and also would fit in the environment that I live in. My house is rather small. My living environment has polyester couches which means I need a pet that would be fine with that. I need an animal that is relatively easy to train. Feline Finder has been helping me in my search and (I hope) soon I will have a new friend for my own personal cat Pitou.

Feline Finder has a neat feature that, I think, helped me a lot in looking for a pet. I think this feature helps out a lot of other people, according to the reviews. The app has been out since 2017 but it asks very good questions that I think any pet owner wants to know. It asks questions such as if you want a lazy cat or one full of energy, that one is definitely for more expert cat owners. The app allows you to skip the survey as well, I, personally, recommend you take the survey. You want to get to know your animal before you adopt it, at least that’s what I believe.

Feline Finder comes with many different features such as fields to narrow your search, cute videos, and a favorites list. The favorites list is an awesome feature that helps the user narrow down their choices. I know it’s hard sorting through so many adorable kittens but they’re all rescue animals so they need a home. That is another great feature, all of these felines are rescue cats! Adopting a rescue cat is something everyone should do and this app is helping these animals. There are over 100,000 rescue cats on Feline Finder which means the app is supporting a very good cause.

The only thing I did not enjoy about Feline Finder was that I did not feel it asked enough questions in its survey. I would have preferred the app makers to ask me more questions. This is an extremely important decision for the owner and the pet! For some, 10 questions may be enough, but, for me I felt as if Feline Finder needed more! I wanted to be asked more about the animals history and their likes and dislikes. I wanted to feel as if my perfect match was being found by the app. I think that, other than that, I really enjoyed the app! The developers did a great job and they’re joining in on a fantastic cause.

Some enjoy kitties and some don’t and this app is these for those who do! Before you buy a kitten, always think of how they precisely fit into your life. Go on Feline Finder and meet your next best friend!


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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  • Thanks for the great review. By the way you can search for the cats likes and dislikes and many more things in the search screen accessible on the adopt tab by tapping the magnifying glass. The survey suggests a breed of cat which it thinks is appropriate and not a particular cat. The search screen is used to narrow down your the list of cats to a particular one. Good luck in finding a companion cat that fits in well with your current one and your life.

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