Plan and Organize your Long to-do-list at Ease with Cruise App

“An hour of planning will save you 10 hours of doing,” said Dale Carnegie long ago, so long ago. By planning your day in advance, you will be able to get the most out of the time you spend at work. It applies to both your personal and work life alike. In addition to your daily work, there are certain other important tasks that need to be attended to timely, paying bills, routine hospital checkups, or planning ahead for an event.

That is where a task management app comes in handy. With multiple iOS apps promising solid results, choosing one from the lot can be cumbersome. Cruise – Task Prioritizer by Abdul Ahmad is an iOS app that auto-prioritizes your tasks. Developed by an expert in productivity, project management, automation, and data analysis, Cruise combines the best techniques to ensure you don’t miss a thing. The app is the best fit for those who juggle multiple responsibilities.

To begin, open the installed app and click on the plus button on the top left of the screen to add a task or project. Add necessary information and then click on save. It is as simple as that. But the extent of the information the app takes in will amaze you. For instance, while adding in the due date, the app enables you to mention if the task is an active one, wait till a later date or put it on hold for some time, along with the frequency of reminders you may need.

Cruise screenshots

You can also prioritize the task based on its area, give it a rating and connect to the internet to easily copy-paste relevant information instead of typing it in. If you plan to see a particular task only on certain days of the week, you can do too. After saving the first task, similarly, add in all the tasks on your plate.  Cruise – Task Prioritizer works out the math from behind and sorts your tasks according to priority. All you have to do is start at the top of the day’s list.

While you view the day’s task, you can click on the thumbs up icon to complete it today and the fire icon to prioritize & take action right away. You can expand the row to reveal more saved info and the red info button to reveal the due date, duration, action, and more. Change entered information by swiping left or right. Each task is color-coded for your easy understanding. Red is for work, orange is for school, and likewise. The app also groups tasks by category and lets you filter them by area, action, or project.

In a nutshell, this is a very powerful and cool app. If you are a first-timer, click on the help tab, and the app will guide you through. Once you experience the Cruise – Task Prioritizer once, you will find yourself more than willing to buy the premium version. Download and try the app for yourself now.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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