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How Do You Find Hidden Messages on Android: Instruction 2021

People tend to keep their messages private due to various reasons such as security and simply personal preferences. With technological advancements, it becomes very simple to hide your texts on a smartphone. However, together with hiding messages comes the necessity to discover these private texts. Parents might want to monitor their children’s activity online for safety reasons and employers might require to observe their employees during the working day. In this article, you will learn how to find hidden text messages on android and how to hide them as well.

Managing Private Messages on Your Phone

It is easy to find some useful information about keeping your messages private, especially with the help of simple guides at The easiest way to keep your messages protected is using some of the popular messenger apps. These applications should be also first on your list when you want to discover some hidden texts. Such apps as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, etc., provide a high level of encryption and security for your messages. Here are also some additional ways of protecting your texts:

· App Lock – this is a program that allows setting up an additional authentication. Each smartphone can have a lock screen, but with this app, it is possible to lock each application separately. Users often protect messaging apps with it;

· Massaging archives – messenger apps often have a basic archiving feature, which does not delete texts completely but archives them away. This could be used for making certain messages harder to find;

· Message locking – there are special apps that allow hiding messenger programs from your home screen altogether. Hiding the whole app might be easier than privating all the messages one by one;

· Hidden messengers – if you do not want to use a popular messenger, it might be better to download some third-party messaging program that will be well hidden on your device.

In order to find messages hidden in these ways, it is necessary to know where to look and what the passwords are. Of course, you can do it all manually, but it is recommended to use a high-quality spy app like PhoneSpector to manage the hidden features easily. With this application, you can gain easy access to all messages received or sent via the device. This includes both SMS and all messaging apps. Social media programs are used for messaging as well, which is why PhoneSpector also allows monitoring these apps. This program is difficult to notice and it works silently, making it a good choice for background monitoring.

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