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Protect Your Online Privacy with the All-in-one Mobile Protection App – MyCyberHome Security & Privacy

Do you know an unprotected router can facilitate a hacker to access web servers? John Brinns, a 21yo carried out a cyberattack in August by breaking into T-Mobile US Inc.’s systems, collecting data of over 54 million people. The breached information included names, DL numbers, Social Security numbers, IMEI, and IMSI numbers of customers. 

With the snap of a finger, your confidential information and financial future might be at stake. So, to defend your online privacy, you can install an app that offers a broad spectrum of protection. 

MyCyberHome Security & Privacy is an All-in-one mobile protection iOS app developed by MyCyberHome Pte Ltd.

Once you click on the installed app, you can choose to

  • Verify your iPhone or iPad security settings
  • Check if your e-mail address was hacked
  • Identify threats on your home Wi-Fi network
  • Store and encrypt all your passwords
  • Hide your e-mail address with private aliases and more.

You can choose to either continue with the free version of the app or pay a modest subscription for better protection of your device.

MyCyberHome Security & Privacy keeps you updated on the cyber security news happening around the globe. Compared to wired networks, since signals of wireless networks spread beyond the wall of our home, it becomes more susceptible to hacking. To safeguard yourself from falling victim to data theft, you can trust the app to analyze your Wi-Fi connection by allowing it to access your location. By setting it to always, the app detects Wi-Fi changes in the background and ensures cyber safety.

The app also lists out several basic settings to keep your device safe. It includes setting passcode (6-digit passcodes are the hardest to crack), configuring touch ID, disabling tracking of apps and advertisers that track you across other apps, and sending you reminders for keeping your device up-to-date. Though you will be aware of most of these settings, it wouldn’t hurt you to have a quick look. 

Additionally, MyCyberHome Security & Privacy uses Quad9 DNS to block malicious traffic while acting as the default password manager & autofill passwords when enabled.

Click on ‘Protect Your Identity’ to check if your e-mail has ever been hacked or has appeared in data leaks. With the app, you can also hide your e-mail by keeping your personal e-mail id private and creating unique, random addresses that forward to your inbox and can be deleted in no time. 


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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