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Our brain’s capacity is virtually limitless. It is scientifically proven that we humans have the ability to remember things right from the womb.

Do you know why old-age people often experience memory loss? It is because they tend to use their memory lesser. Given the current situation, working from home has impacted us to the extent that we often feel stressed. As stressed people, we face difficulties creating memories and concentration problems. As a kid, adult, or elderly, one way to combat memory problems is by playing memory games. They help boost memory, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

One such game is the Fun Matching Cards Memory Game ‘MemoX’ by manboz. This small-sized app gets downloaded and installed with the snap of a finger. Unlike other matching card memory games, MemoX does not require any fancy sign-up. Click on the app icon to start playing right away. The home page shows the levels, game type, and player options. 

MemoX has 60 fun levels. You can keep unlocking the next as you complete the current level. You can also replay all the levels multiple times and achieve your best score.

The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Each level consists of cards that appear face down on a grid. Touch a card to flip it. Keep flipping cards until you find a match. Once you match 2 or 3 similar cards (as per the game type you selected), they disappear from the screen. Match all pairs and collect them all. As soon as you get familiar with the basics, you can challenge yourself by tweaking it up a notch.

While playing, you would have noticed that every face-down card shows a question mark on the top. It is to indicate that they have not been opened yet. You can crank MemoX up by disabling the ‘Mark Discovered Cards’ and enabling ‘Auto Cover Cards’ in the settings. When you enable auto cover, you are allowing a flipped card to face down within a second.

What makes MemoX distinguishable from similar games is that you can discover and match a set of 3 cards rather than just 2. Discovering three similar cards from the grid is way more challenging and requires focus & concentration. Each level displays the record number of attempts and time at the top and your recent attempt details below.

When you feel too bored to play alone, you can invite your friend and challenge them in a multiplayer game. MemoX also helps your child to

  • Improve their concentration
  • Attention to the smallest of details
  • Increase short term memory
  • Help identify similarities and differences in pictures
  • Group objects based on similar traits

Love the game already? You can give MemoX a quick rate by clicking the star button on the home page.

Matching cards that contain only images of flags might get monotonous after a certain point. However, the game types and player options that MemoX offers make the gameplay interesting and enjoyable. What are you waiting for? Download MemoX now and share it with your friends on social media so they can have fun too.

get it on google playRating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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