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iSPY A Location Based Augmented Reality Game

iSPY is a unique game in the sense you do not just play the apps inbuilt missions, but create missions for other players or play missions created by other players. This is also a good game to play against yourfriends who are in your citywho are iSPY agents. Using the GPS- Rangedweapons makes this game quite interesting letting the player make the best use of the available weapons when and where possible as well as providing variety in weapons that can be used at different locations.

New players join the game as a new recruit by entering their credentials while existing players just log in with their credentials. The code name that the player chooses will be the agent name for that player. Other players in that location when looking around for players to play with or against, will come across you with your agent name. You can choose to be any one of the secret agent affiliates available when you sign up. This is a pretty straightforward game that does not require tutorials.


There may or may not be missions that already exist for your city. If there is one, you can play against any players already on that mission. You can create missions that can be played by other players in your city. When creating a mission, make sure that you run a check on it to see if the answer locations check out. The only problem would be in finding players for a particular location.

Once the player is logged in, there are options to look for missions available in that particular location. A handy handbook gives some instructions about the game and tips on how to play, how to create missions, etc. The player is provided with a default weapon initially which is a pistol that has unlimited ammo plus a machine gun with 50 rounds of ammo. More ammo can be bought through in-app purchase.

The weapons in this game are also GPS governed and hence the player has to make sure that they have the target within the weapons range. Not doing so will alert the target of your attempt to shoot them. Enemy alerts are delivered to the player once an agent logged into that mission comes within one mile of their location. The enemys location can be seen by tapping on the map and target mode can be activated on the same screen. You can go rogue, hunting for enemy agents which will abort any mission that you are currently on and any terminations made during this time will double your field experience.

There are national agent rankings where your rank can be compared to all the agents available nationally. Field experiences count towards agent rank promotions. There is a special mission for the lucky players in the city of Los Angeles with the code name Back from the Future. Since this is a location-based game, if you do not have any missions or players in the location that you are in, you will not be able to play.

Are you interested in augmented reality games and location-based games? If then, iSPY is the perfect choice for you as it integrates real locations and people in the game thereby giving you a chance to meet new players around your area who have similar interests.

get it on google playRating: 10/ 10

Price: Free

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