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Lonely Sun – Command the Stars and Create a Cosmos

The sun is lonely and it needs friends. Lonely Sun is an app like no other where you command masses of matter with your fingertips, as if you were gravitys guide. Your mission is to create a planet, or more, until you have an established solar system, complete with its very own sun and planets.

The game features five levels of challenge. In each level you are tasked with fulfilling a lonely suns destiny. Each level has its own landscape, dangers to defeat, and varying gravitational forces that you must take into account as you mold and form your planet.

As you move your mass of matter through space, you accumulate the materials needed to sustain and help it grow. Each planet is different, and you will figure things out as you play what you need and what you can skip.

What I really found engrossing and mesmerizing was the background music. It is unique and brings the outer space experience to life, surrounding you and helping you immerse yourself fully into the games aura.

The game itself is not hard to play. If you are not completely sure what its all about, I would highly recommend the How to Play icon from the main screen. From here, you can better understand what the game is about and what you will be doing.

Be aware that slight dangers can approach, such as other worlds merging and colliding with planets in your world, not to mention the planet you are trying to build. Avoid these collisions and you should be fine.

The five stages that you play represent five planets you are tasked with building. They are:

  1. Ametho
  2. Neryssa
  3. Nuriona
  4. Isolee
  5. Siroccee

Complete the building of each planet to move on to the next stage. You cannot work on Neryssa until you have completed Ametho. You cannot work on Isolee until you have completed Nuriona. You get the picture.

While is the game is a slow moving game, it was quite catchy. I have to say that this is not for folks who are looking for something fast-paced and involves targeting and taking down the enemy; rather, this is for anyone looking for a game that allows for some introspective thought and patience. It kind of serves as a soothing tool to help you deflate from your day and change gears to a slower pace.

I dont think I would want to change this game much. I really liked it as is. I would say that it should offer more choices and levels of game play as you complete all five planets, given the price that you are paying for it.

This game helps make you feel like you do have a bit of control of your life. It helps put things in perspective and slows your world down to pace that helps you relax.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: $1.99

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