Hamster Break game

Hamster Break – An Excellent Way to Kill Time

Brick breaking or Breakout clones is the perfect game for you during lonely times as it gives users direct control to use Hamster to hunt for food. This game is an excellent way to kill time or keep the young ones engaged. As the genre of the game gives a player an unending possibility to more food.

If you have enjoyed playing the Atari breakout game, then the Hamster game is up for trial as you will love it.

Quick Benefits of downloading the Hamster Break:

Free download required: With the advancements in technology over the years, MadStuido considers it no longer necessary to pay a fee for download any longer. Just go to your device and click on your favorite Hamster Break game to start your game. It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t take up space on your mobile’s memory.

Collect Hamster: If you find a Hamster Break, you can break and collect food every time you play your favorite games on your mobile device. The more you play, the more food you accumulate. This leads to higher levels and even more rewards. Playing on your mobile device makes it easier for you to acquire your points.

It makes you happy: All systems in your brain related to happiness are activated, leading to positive emotions when playing the Hamster Break game.

It’s relaxing: If you are looking for an excellent way to relax and empty your head and escape reality completely, the Hamster block game is a good recommendation. It is suitable for your responsiveness, hand-eye coordination, and strategic insight.

Learning: You will learn to remain optimistic and to cope with setbacks, which will also benefit you in real life.

What’s New in the Hamster Break

  • The new Hamster Break allows players to use breakout clone, which can also be called brick breaker (little hamsters), like balls to get to the food blocks and feed those hungry themselves.
  • After completing a level by collecting all the available food, you can proceed to the next level to get more food. It is important to note that there is an infinite world of adventure. This only opens up after each stage completion, and new and unique features open up for every world.
  • The App is free from bugs and other issues that plagued other games. It free from skipping, and you can proceed to the next level swiftly without any hindrance.
  • It requires little space from your device, and it completely free for download. It is compatible with all android devices operating with android 4.4 and upward.

With over 500+ downloads from the Google PlayStore and five-star reviews indicating how exciting and engaging is the Hamster Break is.

Enjoy the unlimited possibility of fun on your device with Hamster Break.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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