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Dragon Ace Casino Baccarat – Yet Another Twist to the Popular Game

Baccarat is not a game that’s commonly played by casino goers in general, but it is rapidly gaining popularity. Once played hidden behind closed doors by the elite, it has slowly made its way into the foreground by being featured in movies and in online gaming platforms like BoomtownBingo. If you are a Baccarat fan and are looking for a new gaming experience to enjoy it, consider downloading Dragon Ace Casino.

Gamespring is the creator of this app and they have done a superb job of capturing the essence and excitement of the game in a mobile app. Players can enjoy on their own or compete against others. Play to win and collect chips, just like you would in the casino!

In baccarat the house edge is smaller and the game is simple, so the rise in popularity continues to increase these days. In fact, there’s been a quadruple growth in popularity seen in Vegas alone. In Macau, revenue from Baccarat has grown by 6.1% with VIP Baccarat play up by 25.2%.

While Gamespring has created and published at least 3 other Baccarat games, the latest one having over 5 million downloads, Dragon Ace casino provides yet another twist and experience to the popular game.

Features include:

  • An engaging card squeeze feature
  • Gaming Options: 3 play modes and game speeds
  • Leaderboards: shared worldwide and updated in real-time, allow friendly competition with all players, whether you know them or not, to earn a place in the daily, weekly, monthly and annual rankings
  • Casino Rules: play the game as it played in Las Vegas and Macau
  • Your own table where you are a casino owner and you can gather chips
  • VIP Program with bonus multipliers, rolling rewards and rewards purchasing
  • Friend List: invite players

The app collects data from every game – every win, every loss; all through its advanced global scoreboard. The scoreboard mimics the forms and scorecards you get in the casinos, so it really provides a true casino experience. From this you can analyze your gaming skills and see what areas need improvements. Hone in on the mistakes you have made and work to get better. It’s like having your own coach!

As is the case with all of Gamespring’s apps, the graphics are great and the background sound creates an atmosphere that transports you to a casino. If you really want to feel it, I highly recommend playing with quality headphones so your focus stays within the game. Future updates could consider a cleaner layout possibly to make it easier to see a larger game table.

I would say Dragon Ace Casino – Baccarat is worth the download and will certainly keep you entertained for hours. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new Baccarat experience.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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