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Save Money While Calling with Phoober

Voice calling is the best way of communication for Smartphone users. I still remember how a few years back talking over mobile phones was not that easy. We had to deal with various technical issues while making a call. But the present technology has totally changed our calling experience.

Smartphone have made our lives smooth as we are able to communicate easily with our friends and family members, no matter how much geographical distance is between us. But international calls are not always cheap so if you want to save money on your international call use VoIP to make calls.

Here is a solution for your costly call, and that is the Phoober app.  This app provides two options to make a call. First is “dial by callback” and the other one is “dial by VoIP”. Along with this, the app comes with an inbuilt feature of searching rates for your call.

Once you download and install the app it requires you to signup to make any call. You will get $0.10 as a signup bonus. The home screen has three user-friendly tabs calls, dial, and contacts. By selecting the call tab you can see full details of your recent call. From dial tab, you can make calls. And from the contact tab, you can directly select a contact from the phone directory.


Phoober offers very cheap rates as compared to other calling apps. It uses Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to connect with your caller’s phone signal.  Unlike other calling apps Phoober charges their users to the second for any call made and keep all prices accurate to 4 decimal places.

Once a user enters a number into the dial tab of this app and searches for rates the app gives all available routes and price to that destination which make it easy to select the best and cheapest route to make the calls.

Phoober provides an option of purchasing credit using cards where you can buy a credit of $10, $20 and $30. Plus, it gives credit back to your account for every review you give.

The app comes with a feature of call back setup where you can set your default call back number with security pin.

The feature of the Phoober app that I like most is it helps you to choose quality routes. From other Phoober users, it gathers route data and their calling experience and tells you where the selected route is working very well or not.

Inbuilt support system of the app allows you to submit your queries and advice related to the app in a smart and convenient way.

When I called using this app I thought that along with the charge of the call I also have to pay connection fees. But to my surprise, they didn’t charge a penny in the name of connection fee.

The only drawback of this app is that it doesn’t support video conferencing.  Hope the developers will add this feature in the coming version of the app.

So with the help of this real-time quality metrics feature of Phoober, I was able to make clear and interruption free international calls to several friends.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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